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About Us

“To provide individuals and corporate directors with viable options to address their financial difficulties.”

Since 1997, we at Pollard & Associates Inc. have continued to provide solutions to individuals and businesses to deal with personal and corporate debt. We are a financial restructuring and insolvency firm operating within the GTA.

We began many years ago with a simple idea: to help those who have experienced the negative impacts and whirlwind of emotions due to financial issues. When you are in the thicket of a financial crisis, it is difficult to navigate your way through. Between legal documentation, negotiations, and complex financial matters, it can be a challenge to sort through all of your situation’s details and determine the best path forward. We want to help make the process easier by assessing your circumstances and providing you with possible courses of action. With over 20 years of experience, we are prepared and well equipped to support you.

Our Experience

Insolvency and restructuring experience: We provide creative, valuable, and viable solutions with care and attention to detail, intending to solve the problems that individuals or corporations face. We conduct a variety of engagements under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, including receiverships, monitoring, commercial and consumer bankruptcies, and commercial and consumer proposals.

Industry experience: We embrace serving small and large manufacturers, land redevelopment and construction projects, franchise operations, automotive industries, mining corporations, financial institutions, tourist operations, poultry processors, breweries, sawmill and lumber processors, textile/clothing manufacturers, technology firms, realty and brokerage corporations, non-profit organizations, and retail companies.

Investigative experience: We perform a detailed review of trust accounts, movements of funds offshore, conveyances of property, transfers of property, deleted computer records, sold out of trust inventory, and money laundering. If there is potential criminal misconduct, we prepare document briefs to assist the RCMP in their investigations.

Our team is prepared and eager to assist you. Visit our service page to see what we can do for you!

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