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Financial turbulence can be emotionally draining and can take a toll on your health, family, lifestyle, and business. At Pollard & Associates Inc., we know it is taxing to experience financial stress and understand it is not easy to navigate through financial troubles. We will outline your options to assist you in achieving your goals.  At Pollard & Associates Inc., we offer solutions to solve your financial difficulties and meet your objectives and goals.  We outline various options, including filing a consumer proposal, personal bankruptcy, corporate bankruptcy, and corporate proposal.  The options available will take into account your specific goals and future objectives.  There is no financial issue which   cannot be solved by working together. Whether you are struggling with credit card debt or income tax debt and thinking of filing for bankruptcy or a consumer proposal, our team will be here to help.   You will find our team knowledgeable, supportive, and well equipped to handle personal and business debt problems. The first step is to contact us for assistance. Pollard & Associates Inc. is an insolvency and financial restructuring firm operating in the GTA.  Contact us today and we will work together to solve your financial problems.

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