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Pollard & Associates Inc. is an insolvency and financial restructuring firm providing services to individuals and corporations in Ontario. A number of options may be available for your business depending on its financial state and your objectives. As each case is unique, if your business is experiencing financial difficulties, please contact us to discuss your company’s particular details and your options.

Corporate Options:

Division I Proposal

  • Allows for your business to continue operations while restructuring pre-filing debt which can include debts owing to Canada Revenue Agency for HST, income tax, and payroll deductions
  • Provides flexibility to the company while it restructures
  • Certain conditions must be met, including the filing of cash flows and payment of outstanding wages and source deductions within set timelines
  • Can solve director’s liability issues for debts owing to Canada Revenue Agency
  • Benefits of a Division I Proposal include the ability to retain profitable assets, the implementation of an automatic stay of proceedings, the possibility of continuing operations and creating a thriving business model, the option to obtain Debtor in Possession (DIP) financing, and the resolution of financial issues without filing for bankruptcy
  • Our Licensed Insolvency Trustee will work with you to develop a Proposal to your creditors that will provide your company the time and flexibility it needs to restructure

Corporate Bankruptcy

  • Allows for a smooth wind down of the business
  • Operations cease and outstanding financial obligations are dealt with
  • Employees may be entitled to receive a WEPP (Wage Earner Protection Program) payment
  • Benefits of corporate bankruptcy include the implementation of an automatic stay of proceedings against creditors and the ability to liquidate company assets for the benefit of the company’s creditors,
  • Directors, shareholders, and/or owners will require the assistance of a Licensed Insolvency Trustee to assign the company into bankruptcy and finalize all tax and legal obligations associated with the ceasing of operations


  • Initiated by a secured creditor to protect their security interests in a company and optimize their recovery
  • A receiver realizes on the assets of the corporation for the benefit of the secured creditors
  • Our Licensed Insolvency Trustee has a wealth of knowledge and a vast amount of experience acting as a court-appointed receiver for companies in numerous industries and settings

Please visit our Engagement page to see current and past receivership files

Monitoring/Look-Sees/Informal Business Reviews

  • Generally initiated by a secured creditor

At Pollard & Associates Inc. we have extensive experience in providing a business with strategies and alternatives when facing financial difficulties. You have invested significant time, energy, and capital into your business. When the business is not thriving and the company is unable to meet its financial obligations, it is common to be fearful, disappointed, and overwhelmed.  We understand the extreme stress you may be under as a business owner and want to help. Our professional team is here to provide quality, personalized, knowledgeable, and responsive restructuring services to lenders, directors, shareholders, and owners of corporations.